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You are one step closer to getting your license!!!!!

Contact Us Today At 4108004824  Sign up for our next class!

  The Only Driving School in Maryland that caters to Low-income families!
Give us a call to see if you qualify at: 410/800-4824 Mon-Fri 10am-4pm 

 Virtual class sessions 


Mon - Fri: 6:00pm - 9:15pm


  • January 8th ~ January 19th

  • January 29th ~ February 9th

  • February 19th ~ March 1st

  • March 11th ~ March 22nd

  • April 8th  ~ April 19th

  • April 29 ~ May 10th

  • May 20th ~ May 31st

  • June 10th ~ June 21st

  • July 1st ~ July 12th 






Behind The Wheel. ​​​Maryland requires EVERYONE to complete behind the wheel observation with a certified driving school before taking the ​Driving Test ​with the MVA (no exceptions). For further information, contact the school directly 410-8004824.     

Driving Improvement is held on Zoom every Saturday 2:00pm. Link will be sent via e-mail upon payment of class. 

Please call us directly to check availability and schedule your appointments for driving lessons.


STEP BY STEP GUID E-BOOK.​ This is a guide on how to open your very own Driving School! E-book will be sent electronically via the e-mail provided upon purchase.     

Welcome To Drive Safe Driving School!

Will You Improve?


Thank you for choosing Drive Safe Driving School. We provide high quality Driver's Education services to Maryland residents as we take pride in each and every student. We not only offer driving classes, but we also offer private driving lessons which provides our students with an extra boost that they need to obtain their license.

We offer the MVA-certified Maryland Driver's Education course as well as Extra Practice for additional preparation. Our friendly MVA-certified instructors are here to ensure you receive all of the tools that you will need to become a licensed Safe Driver.

Our Mission and Understanding Approach


Our Mission is to make driving school affordable for everyone. Drive Safe Driving School is aware of challenges families face when trying to pay for driving school. That is why we pride ourselves in being the cheapest driving school in the state of Maryland. We offer payment plans and an extremely low deposit that will guarantee you a seat in the next class.


If you live in subsidized housing (BRHP or is in  Foster Care , you might be eligible to come to Drive Safe Driving School for FREE!!!! Contact us for more information.

If you have any questions about driver's education, we're here to help! You can call our office @410-800-4824 10am ~ 4pm





An MVA-Certified Instructor that loves being a Driving School Instructor

Dedicationto making sure every Student has equal opportunity to become a skilled and safe driver.

Affordable to those that have financial restraints while looking for resources to help with cost. We are the cheapest Driving School in Maryland. 

Opportunities to get Professional driving lessons outside of the normal required driving time.

Convenience to major buses and on a main street in a professional setting. 

Low down payments and reasonable payment arrangements.

Appropriately Equipped car for extra confidence when in driving lesson.

Safety is the #1 lesson taught because we want our students to gain the knowledge of how to avoid accidents as well as follow the rules of driving.

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